Eazy-Bank Pro is an online banking system primely developed for your daily online banking needs. It was developed for the most secured online banking experience. Exclusive User Interface with mobile responsive view. 

Eazy-Bank Pro ensures that your online banking experience for customers is easy.

We made sure to have carefully developed Eazy Bank Pro to prevent unauthorised access to your online bank platform. Featuring the very best any premium online banking system can offer customers. This is a stand alone system for any online bank.

We would advice you create new user test account because of Email and SMS Alerts as demo account notifications goes to the demo email and phone number.

Demo URL: http://khaytechdigitalz.org.ng/eazybank

Admin Login: admin@admin.com

Password: admin

Customer Login: user@user.com

Password: test1234


*** SMS Alerts

*** Email Notifications

*** Fund Deposit

*** Loan Management

*** Local and International Transfer

*** Tickets and Support System

*** ATM card request, blocking and activation

*** IMF code feature for international transfer

*** Bank API for over 35 Banks for secure and foolproof transfer

*** Premium User Interface "UI"

*** Premium User Experience "UX"

*** Clean coding for easy modification

*** Secure login and register system

*** One time password for transaction verification

*** Fixed Deposit

*** 8+ Online Payment gateways


System Requirements

*** PHP 7.1

*** MYSQL 5+

*** PHP ZIP Extention

*** Internet Connection

*** Mail Server

Payment Gateway Requirements

*** Paystack Payment Gateway Account

*** Flutterwave Rave-Pay Payment Gateway Account

*** PayPal Payment Gateway Account

*** Stripe Payment Gateway Account


  1. Upload and unzip the script folder unto your hosting server.
  2. Manually create a database using the database creation feature on your cpanel homepage.
  3. Open Application folder and edit .env file to confirm with your system requirements.
  4. Provide database hostname, database name, username and password as created in step 3 above.
  5. Ensure to set your Mail server requirements as provided by your server host.
  6. Set Base Currency Code and Symbol as required
  7. Set email server as required
  8. Set system url
  9. Save the file '.env'
  10. Upload database file named EazyBank.sql in sql folder to the created database in step 2 using PHPMyadmin option from your host
  11. Set your cronjob url to yoururl/cron/job
  12. You are good to go!!!
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